Born and raised in Texas, mixed media artist Miabella Mojica is a nomadic spirit who thrives on adventure, dogs and art. Because she enjoys riding the balance between fluid (right-brained) and intentional (left-brained) artworks, her masterpieces are diverse.

On one end of the spectrum is her fluid and abstract work. To step into her creative flow, Miabella works primarily in the right-brain as she pours mixed media artworks and moves with the rhythm of a piece until it's complete. Fluid abstractions allow her to process life intuitively and paint without a brush. Once finished, she sets them aside to cure and dry, which can take 24-48 hours. These works are available as originals, prints, and can also be found as patterns on her leggings and scarves.

While the fluid abstractions dry, Miabella exercises her left-brain and she gets to work on the other end of the spectrum: dog portrait paintings. Dog portraits require more of a plan as she follows a photograph of each dog she paints, and works quickly with a paintbrush to create an underpainting. Once dry, she then tunes in to define the special details that make each dog's personality truly shine.

Miabella currently resides in Austin, TX and will soon be available locally for live art demos and workshops. For more work by Miabella, visit dreamspiritstudios.com.