4" Mandala Stickers

Mandalas now brought to you as 4" vinyl stickers!

It is said that focusing on a completed mandala is a wonderful way to bring balance to the mind, body and soul.

These mandalas were visually composed by Miabella Mojica of Dream Spirit Studios. She uses Photoshop to create and condense hundreds of layers of partial image duplications, where each image is borrowed from sections of her original paintings, drawings, photos and illustrations. The act of creating them puts her into a zen state. Nearly impossible to replicate, each mandala design is one of a kind.

These glossy 3mil vinyl stickers are printed in full color, are UV and weather-resistant, waterproof, and their colors are expected to last 5-7 years outdoors. Stick 'em on your car bumper, window, computer, external hard drive, stainless steel mug or tumbler, guitar case, drum set, notebook, sketchbook, the possibilities are endless!

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