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Mixed media artist Miabella Mojica is the creative and image composer behind Dream Spirit Studios. She is a nomadic dream spirit who thrives on adventure, nature and art.

Miabella has been creating art since she was a wee one, however she really began painting regularly as a form of art therapy in her adulthood, to relieve some of the symptoms that come with having an often-misunderstood sleeping disorder called Narcolepsy, which exhibits itself in such ways of: excessive sleepiness, fatigue, brain fog, depression and anxiety. She has found immense healing through experiencing the arts, often simultaneously. It is not uncommon to find her dancing around the studio to lovely music while she paints.

Mostly self-taught, Miabella enjoys riding the balance between right and left brained artworks, and her masterpieces are diverse. From her studio is in the hill country of Wimberley, TX, she uses and combines an array of multimedia, from acrylic paints and mediums, oil paints, and all kinds of inks, to photography and digital design.

To step into her flow, Miabella often begins her creative process by pouring paintings, which she moves with the rhythm of until they're complete. The resulting fluid abstractions are therapeutic, and allow her to intuit life while painting without a brush. Once finished, she sets them aside to cure and dry, which can take 24-48 hours. Some pieces are finished once dry and varnished, however others she simply uses as backgrounds for a more intricate creation. She has long been called to draw and paint spirit animals, and has just begun combining this with her fluid painting practice, which makes for some stunning compositions!

When pieces are finished, and sometimes in between layers of paint, Miabella digitizes her work with a camera and scanner, and then uses the Adobe Creative Suite on her Apple computer to prepare the digital files for print.

Her works are available as originals, art prints on gallery-wrapped canvas, floating aluminum, fine art papers and acrylic plexiglass. The designs can also be found in this shop as patterns on her apparel and home decor items.

Miabella is currently working on assembling a book featuring over two decades of her artwork, poetry, musings, and inspiring moments.

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